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Dog & Puppy Boarding Kennels

Caged dog boarding kennels for large dogs

Large Dog & Puppy Boarding Kennel

Fenced dog boarding kennels for small dogs and puppies

Small Dog & Puppy Boarding Kennel

The outdoor play area for a dog and puppy boarding kennel

Plenty of Play Space

Three dogs playing on a porch

Dog & Puppy Boarding Kennels

Going on vacation and want your dog to have their own vacation, too? Get to Homestead Dogs Dog Boarding & Kenneling.

Here at Homestead Dogs Boarding and Kenneling that is exactly what we do. We are a Boutique facility, so we get to know each dog guest very well. Your furry family member will be lodging in an odor free, spacious enclosure with climate control. Socialization and one-on-one playtime are included in their stay. Caregivers strive to create a delightful, positive experience for everyone.

Homestead Dogs has a large outdoor deck and gravel play area. Our guests can enjoy the doggie pool on hot days while playing with their new friends. We also create enrichment activities to stimulate their minds and bodies.

  • Music is played during the day to keep dogs calm and relaxed during their stay
  • Throughout the week we will have many enrichment opportunities for your dog like bubble time, agility and obstacle play, hide the treat and follow the leader.

We have two different enclosure sizes, 3’ X 3’ and 4’ X 4’. All have raised beds. We will arrange drop-off and pick-up times between 9am or 5pm.

Reservation Requirements
Please provide a copy of your dog’s current shot records. Vaccines required are Distemper, Parvo and Rabies. Flu Shots are highly recommended but not required. Package food in sealed bag per meal for the duration of their stay. You are welcome to bring anything you would like in the enclosure for your dog including toys and bedding. Any medications that need to be administered must be accompanied with written instructions.

Other Available Dog Boarding & Kenneling Services:

  • Stuffed frozen Kong to enjoy in their enclosure
  • Playing ball
  • Treat dispensing game or toy
  • Extra one-on-one play session
  • 15-minute walk
  • Cuddle time with human

Register your canine companion in the Homestead Dogs Dog Training Camp for all the tools they’ll need to be a successful pack member.

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The outdoor play area for a dog and puppy boarding kennel

Plenty of space to play in our secluded location near Columbus and Delaware.

Fenced dog boarding kennels for small dogs and puppies

Smaller boarding kennels for smaller dogs and puppies.

Caged dog boarding kennels for large dogs

Larger boarding kennels for big dogs and puppies.

While You're Here...

Homestead Dogs is a great solution for boarding and kenneling your dog when the family is away from home. While you’re here, register your canine companion in the Homestead Dogs Dog Training Camp for all the tools they’ll need to be a successful pack member.

Amy and her staff are fully trained and certified for providing a wide range of dog training solutions that fit in your busy schedule. Read more on our dog training or call us today for more information.

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Icons for The National Dog Trainers Association; AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator; and Best Delaware Dog Trainer in 2018.

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Where can I find great dog boarding & kenneling near me?

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Homestead Dogs, of course! We’re conveniently located between Columbus and Delaware between High Street (Rt 23) and Highway 42.

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