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Homestead Dogs Testimonials

A labrador retriever sitting obediently during training

Gracie | Delaware Labrador Retriever

My dog Gracie just finished a month long training camp with Homestead dogs. I reached out to Amy prior to getting my puppy and she was always helpful and quick to respond. My goal with Gracie is to be a Therapy Dog. Not a first time dog owner, I never “trained” a dog. I first did the the group puppy training. Which was great. It was a group setting and was just as educational for me as what it was for Gracie. It was nice to have Gracie around other puppies her age and interaction with other people. Amy personalized a training plan that was exactly what we wanted. I feel confident Homestead Dogs can train any dog no matter the goal. Her facility is clean and spacious. After training it was time to train us! Ever since my husband and I were trained our Gracie girl has been perfect. Gracie also worked with assistant trainer Lyndsey. She was fantastic as well. We received informational daily pictures and videos with commentary explaining what they were doing and why. We had an exceptional experience with Homestead Dogs. Amanda, Delaware, Ohio

An Australian Shepherd named Addie

Addie | Columbus Australian Shepherd

We can’t say enough good things about Amy and Homestead dogs! We opted for her boarding training program to train our deaf Australian Shepherd puppy. I was absolutely amazed at the progress they made in only 3 weeks. When we picked her up Amy took the time to go over everything with us and ensure we knew and understood how to communicate with the hand signals our dog had been taught. One week later and she is still doing great at home! Her facilities are very clean and there is plenty of safe space for playtime! We will definitely be using Homestead Dogs again in the future! Melinda, Columbus, Ohio

Two beagle puppies laying on a mat during a puppy training class.


We have two Beagle puppies - having previously owned a Beagle, we know they tend to be smart, but stubborn. Homestead Dogs was recommended to us for boarding and to help train our puppies. Although they are not quite a year old, the puppies have already spent a few different weeks at Homestead Dogs. The boarding area is clean and comfortable. The training is effective, and the puppies really benefit from the interaction with other dogs. As a result, our puppies are so much more obedient than we expected. With every stay, Amy sends us daily videos and pictures to let us know how they're progressing. Icing on the cake is that they absolutely love the environment and love hanging with Amy. We can't thank her enough! Spring Family

Dog sitting obediently on a porch stair looking at the camera

Labrador Retriever | Columbus, Ohio

We used Homestead Dogs to train our black lab. It was a wonderful experience for both the pup and us. We liked it so much that we use Homestead Dogs for boarding when we go out of town and will use the training for our new pup. Sonagere Family, Columbus, Ohio

A Schnoodle sitting obediently on the floor


First experience with a private dog trainer and I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Homestead Dogs training to everyone. She took my 11-month old high energy, out-of-control Schnoodle puppy and taught her commands that we use every day to control her behavior. We also take our dog to Amy anytime we need to board our dog. Her facility is more like a dog resort, very clean and safe. My dog is happier and so are we. Oblak Family, Columbus, Ohio

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I used Homestead Dogs to board Xena while on vacation. Not only was faculty clean and inviting, Xena got a lot of play time with other dogs. I will use Homestead Dogs over anyone else for future boarding or training. Leach Family

A golden retriever sitting obediently next to trainer

Golden Retriever | Columbus, Ohio

We just completed our five-week Life Skills class at Homestead Dogs. We had so much fun, and our dogs loved it too. Amy taught us how to work with our dogs on basic commands that just make life easier and better for families with dogs. Now it is up to us to keep practicing with our dogs. Amy is an excellent teacher. Lefevre Family, Columbus, Ohio

The orange ball and dog icon used in the Homestead Dogs logo

Beagle | Powell, Ohio

Amy and her team have trained three of my beagles - who can be very stubborn, let me tell you. They now have the foundations to happy and safe puppy lives. They listen well and allow me to continue their training back at home much easier. Amy and Lindsey are great! Anita, Powell, Ohio

The orange ball and dog icon used in the Homestead Dogs logo

Darth | Dublin, Ohio

My husband and I have been bringing our Darth to Amy for about 4 years now. He went through training. I still take him to refresh his little mind. We know that Darth is being taken care of when we leave him. Amy has sent pictures and videos just to ease our minds.....long as Amy is in the training and boarding business our Darth will be going there. Thanks Amy...... Bill and Eileen, Dublin, Ohio

The orange ball and dog icon used in the Homestead Dogs logo

Lewis Center, Ohio

Amy does such a great job with training! She took my hyper puppy into an obedient pup. Her facility is ultra clean and cute. Always board with Amy when going out of town. Know my dog will receive the best of care. Highly recommend! Dianne, Lewis Center, Ohio

The orange ball and dog icon used in the Homestead Dogs logo

Hoops | Dublin, Ohio

Homestead dogs is an amazing experience for your dog! My dog Hoops jumps out of the car and can’t wait to see Amy! He gets lots of attention and play time. Amy is a great teacher and has a genuine love for all dogs. You will have peace of mind while you are away .highly recommend using Homestead Dogs! Maryann, Dublin, Ohio

An Anatolian Shepherd laying obediently on the floor

Tali | Anatolian Shepherd

We missed our new 5-month old Anatolian Shepherd “Tali” while she was at training for 2 weeks; so, the constant text messages, videos and pics were so appreciated! It was fun to see Tali learn and grow while she was away from home. Amy took the time to get to know our family and home life in order to personalize Tali’s training plan. It has been 5 months since Amy instructed our family how to communicate to our dog and handed the leash to us. We have taken advantage of free access to Amy’s advice several times and have a safe place for our dog to stay when we are on vacation. We are grateful for the time that Amy and her team have devoted to our family and puppy. Beachy Family

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Newark, Ohio

Great dog training and boarding. Megan, Newark, Ohio

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Daisy | Hilliard, Ohio

Daisy was trained by Homestead Dogs when she was a puppy and her training is reinforced each time she is boarded. Daisy loves to go there - she runs directly from the car to the door with great enthusiasm every time! Daisy also loves playing with the other dogs. Great place for training and/or boarding! Shelly, Hilliard, Ohio

A dog sitting up on its hind legs

Boomer | Columbus, Ohio

We loved going to Homestead for not only training but for boarding as well. Our dog Boomer has had a great time each time he’s gone and getting updates regularly from them sets our mind at ease being away from him. I would recommend their services to anyone who asked!! Adrian, Columbus, Ohio

The orange ball and dog icon used in the Homestead Dogs logo

Elsie | Columbus Brittany Spaniel

Amy helped us train our very sweet but very hyper Brittany spaniel and her techniques have made a world of difference in our every day lives! While our dog was away at training, Amy sent us photos and videos of her progress and it was clear she really cared. We would definitely recommend Homestead Dogs for training or boarding! Rebecca, Columbus, Ohio

Miss Quincy | Powell, Ohio

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness, Value. My dog loves going to Homestead Dogs! She goes in happy & is happy and well taken care of when I pick her up. Amy is great. Would highly recommend. Joan, Powell, Ohio

The orange ball and dog icon used in the Homestead Dogs logo

Grace | German Shepherd, Ohio

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Our family highly recommends Amy & her staff at Homestead Dogs to train your beloved dog(s). Our GSD was misbehaving with biting, jumping on people, not listening, stealing things off of the kitchen counters, did I say chewing cords from all of my lamps, for starters. We chose the 2-week training class. Upon return, our GSD, Grace, was a different dog!! She listens & responds to commands taught now! We are delighted with the training at Homestead. It is certainly worth our investment to have a well behaved dog! Amy offers "refresher" classes for as long as you need to fine-tune your dog's behavior as your family member grows & matures into your best friend. Amy consistently makes you and your dog feel like family.....her big family! Thank you, Amy, for giving us a loved & well behaved dog!!!! Linda, Ohio

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Roxy | Radnor, Ohio

We took our Roxy to the puppy beginning classes and both Roxy and we learned a lot. Roxy as completed 21 days of board and train. They are so helpful and amazing to work with you and your dog. Diana, Radnor, Ohio

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Winston | Bernese Mountain Dog, Dublin, Ohio

Amy and her team did a wonderful job working with Winston, our Bernese Mountain Dog. Ed, Dublin, Ohio

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Hercules | Dublin, Ohio

Our dog loves to visit at Homestead Dogs. He did 2 weeks of training there and stays whenever we are out of town. Ian, Dublin, Ohio

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Dublin, Ohio

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness Amy got my puppy in tip top shape for a cross country relocation. We're new pet parents and she did a great job of coaching us and still gives us effective guidance. Sierra, Dublin, Ohio

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We have been with Amy Durfey for 9 years and she is WONDERFUL!! She has cared for our dogs as if they were her own she is also very talented and kind. Check out her fb training videos! Christine, Ohio

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Columbus, Ohio

Amy has always been amazing with everyone’s dogs, I’ve learned so much from her over the years! And this location in Delaware, it’s like a doggy get away! So serene.. You and your pup(s) will love it I promise. 10/10 would feel safe and happy leaving my fur babies here. Jordan, Columbus, Ohio

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Marysville, Ohio

I took my dog to training at Homestead for 2 weeks. She needed needed basic obedience training as well as socialization. She listens so much better now and is a lot easier to control when we encounter dogs on our walks. She loves going to visit Amy! I recommend Homestead for training and boarding. It is well worth it. Angie, Marysville, Ohio

The orange ball and dog icon used in the Homestead Dogs logo

Lucy & Tucker | Ohio

We have had great experiences with (Homestead) Dogs. Amy trained our female Golden Retriever Lucy when she was a small pup and boarded her for several weeks. Her boarding area is clean and well maintained. The one-on-one training with Lucy created a good foundation and with a little training for her owners the life skills she learned has stayed with her. We recently completed the Life Skills class with our 1yr old Golden, Tucker in a group of 5 dogs. We all had fun and after the 5 classes we are more confident in him to follow our commands. Amy's training methods have been appropriate and effective for our dogs. She's given us good tools as owners to use. Amy can certify your dog as a CGC (Canine Good Citizen). We're excited to continue training Lucy and Tucker with Amy to get this certificate. The dogs love her too! Diana, Ohio

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